Kristen Baum DeBeasi


single white moon with blue shadows and a dark
side. Content to be overshadowed daily. Willing 
to always be present but often unseen, to be out-
shone and to reflect the shining light of the 
other—bigger, better, hotter, brighter. Has no 
problem being eclipsed, sometimes totally and is 
not afraid of the dark. Must be happy to wax. And 
wane. May be full monthly and rarely be blue. 
Must be content to cast a softer, gentler light. 
Willing to be paid in rituals, songs, sonnets and 
the whispers of young lovers.

Kristen Baum DeBeasi is a writer, poet and composer whose work has appeared in Enchanted Conversation, Menacing Hedge, The Muleskinner Journal and elsewhere. A Best of the Net nominee and Poet of the Month July 2021 for Moon Tide Press, she hails from Oregon and resides in Los Angeles.


All rights © Kristen Baum DeBeasi