Carrie Lynn Hawthorne


the bad man’s dim lair
lamps shaped like naked ladies
stretching their nymphet limbs 
imprisoned in brass and pewter

cigarette smoke stings my eyes
a room full of shadows
I am up to their knees
wearing a dress with lace tights
patent leather shoes

people carry drinks
ice against amber glass
rum and coke, gin and tonic
when they set them down
I drink the last few sips
they laugh, say it’s cute

where is my mom?
I hear her voice but
I cannot see her
want to hold her hand
hide in the folds of her skirt

the sweat clings to places 
I didn’t know were there
crawl under the table 
wait until the party is over 


Carrie Lynn Hawthorne is a writer and a mother from Pasadena, CA. You can find her work in publications such as The Hennepin ReviewSunlight PressCultural DailyParhelion Literary Review, and more.


All rights © Carrie Lynn Hawthorne