Brian Harman


To exploit her in ’69
to ’72
and not since return—
What step? 
What               leap?

Did man/mankind
not find enough use 
for her curves
and craters 
television footprints
and sticking a pole
into her regolith?

            The myth is 
man speaks 
for humankind—
     a darkside spank
for the gravitational 
pull of power.

Truth is     the moon
is far more 
illuminated than
man can claim
her face
or space race to,

she is to the earth
our nightlight,
our dream-fulfilling 
goddess, our 
wax-and-wane lover,

the moon doesn’t need
to be walked on, 
she keeps us on our
feet, bathes
and covers us,
not man’s to cover up.


Brian Harman is a poet and daddy living in Southern California with his poetess. He is the author of Suddenly, All Hell Broke Loose!!! (Picture Show Press). His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Big Bend Literary Magazine, Superpresent, The Journal of Radical Wonder, and elsewhere. He loves craft beer, Angels baseball, music playlists, and writing poetry into the night. Find him at:


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