Aruni Wijesinghe


You cut back the irises, spent stalks 
and vulvar blooms vanished.
Summer riots in violet and white.

You kneel between rows,
knees dirty, hair coming undone
from a messy braid. Your hands 
rake the earth like they rake 
my naked back, searching.

Uproot bulbs, cup their vegetal testes
gently, shake the dirt from each one you
unearth. Your eager hands paw
through a disrupted garden, afternoon
slanting across your sweaty upper lip.

This is how I love you most— 
undone, unearthed, laid out on the soil
where I can brush September from you.

Aruni Wijesinghe is a project manager, ESL teacher, erstwhile belly dance instructor and occasional sous chef; she now, strangely, adds poet to this list. Her debut poetry collection, 2 Revere Place, is a love letter to her family and miraculous childhood in New York. You can follow her at


All rights © Aruni Wijesinghe