Issue 2

A full moon, tiny in a corner, in the night sky. The image is dominated by two clouds in shades of purple.
The Man on the Sidewalk
       Alan Abrams
Secret Act
       Oceana Callum
Perfumed Moon
       Lorraine Caputo
Blue and Green Planet Seeks
       Kristen Baum DeBeasi
Grandma’s Toes
       Carly Marie DeMento
Two poems
       George Hammons
Calling Down the Moon
       Oz Hardwick
Moon Conspiracy
       Brian Harman
San Antonio, curtains drawn
       Carrie Lynn Hawthorne
In the Forest
       Judy Kronenfeld
The Moon Over My Mother’s House
       Laurie Kuntz
Summer Salts
       Zack Nelson-Lopiccolo
new moon new
       Terry Jude Miller
Body Art
       Wilda Morris
Moonlight Becomes You It Goes With Your Hair
       Joan Jobe Smith
A God Made of White-Hot Flame
       Fred Voss
       Aruni Wijesinghe
My Buddy
       Yvonne Zipter
Image Credit: JV Buenconcejo, Pexels