Terry Ann Wright


white blooms look like fireworks—
a calculus of the nervous system

in an inverse:  your mother a mathematician,
your father a poet 	you were supposed to be a boy

among your many inheritances: the fear 
you may go mad 	beyond pure calculation

your mother leaves you with her mother 
and refers to you in letters as “it” 	furies,

fairies clamor at your elbow: in one shape now, 
and the next minute in a form most dissimilar

the analytical engine:  	you name your son 
after your father, yearn to be buried with him—

legacies all the way down:	 a flower takes root
in your uterus: 	a white bloom, 	fireworks


Terry Ann Wright’s publications include The Hyacinth ReviewGhost Girls, and The Shoremad honey (2018) by dancing girl press and Nature Studies (2015) by Sadie Girl Press, whose title poem was her third Pushcart Prize nomination; and in anthologies by Cadence Collective, Sadie Girl Press, and Picture Show Press.


All rights © Terry Ann Wright