Kelsey Bryan-Zwick


Every cell (outside the norm)
every unplucked eyebrow ~  ~
any toenail too-sharp—
or shape beyond hourglass >< 
betrays our animal bodies. 
60% water 40% new moon

What has ugly got to do with life anyways?
When you can be clever + kind 
or thoroughly creative*

I see my mother unshaved in the mirror!
I see my own legs numb under me  ‖
I tire of stooping and scraping the hair away ///
I grow my leg-hair long; 
hair bristles every time the wind shifts ‴‟
news from the four directions #
faint notions etching & senses twinge

Is she wildwoman?
The children want to know:
is she beast?
Is she=they
or just outside definition…
like a word lost -------------------
The displaced words } {
guessed at [       ]

A UC Santa Cruz alum (go banana slugs!) Kelsey Bryan-Zwick (she/they) is a queer, bilingual, disables, Los Angeles based poet.  Surviving with debilitating scoliosis they have become an expert cat-napper and daydreamer. Their debut collection, Here Go the Knives, is sure to gut you, get it now from Moon Tide Press.


All rights © Kelsey Bryan-Zwick