Karen Rae Kraut


Mom, you would have loved the snow on the mountains between Beaumont and Loma Linda today just like that Christmas eve in the woods when there was no money and you knew you would not get a present but then Grandpa brought in a tiny Douglas Fir that made the whole cabin smell like pine needles and Grandma made a garland of red poisonous berries but it was okay because you all knew not to eat them and on Christmas morning there was one tiny box under the tree just for you and it was a beautiful gold ring that had been Aunt Daisy’s and you treasured it forever and ever until it got lost when you drove down to Ventura to pick the strawberries.

Karen Rae Kraut has been a professional storyteller since 1990. She is a teaching artist with the McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert, CA. Karen’s CD, “Cooler Water Cora and Other Stories” is the winner of an iParenting Media Award for Audio Excellence and a National Parenting Publications Honors Award.


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