Cindy Rinne


Apollo’s snakes hiss in Casandra’s ears
   with prophecies no one later
will believe        Chaos in my body
listens for secrets of the dark

I cup my ears
    Echoes map the landscape
red rock pinnacles     temple pillars
Goose honks wisdom at sunset

Witches chant      gather herbs to heal
ginger        calendula          fennel
   Plants grow from my legs
I paint their presence with my song

Vocal memories      of my lineage 
whisper what was and returning 
   I massage my earlobes    
	Wellness       calls      me

Cindy Rinne creates fiber art and writes in San Bernardino, CA. Pushcart Award nominee. Author of The Feather Ladder (Picture Show Press), Words Become Ashes: An Offering (Bamboo Dart Press), and others. Her has poetry appeared or is forthcoming in: The Closed Eye Open, Wild Roof Journal, Verse-Virtual, Mythos Magazine, and others.


All rights © Cindy Rinne