Issue 1

       Kelsey Bryan-Zwick
Careful What You Wish For
       Carly DeMento
A Mother’s Prayer
       Barbara Eknoian
To Taste Her Gentle Moon
       Adrian Ernesto
Three poems
       Kimberly Esslinger
when her son is dead 7 years
       Alexis Rhone Fancher
once there was a mom
       Stephanie Barbé Hammer
She calls him “Mi amor”
       George Hammons
Moons Over My Hammy
       Brian Harman
Salsa Roja
       Curtis Hayes
       Donna Hilbert
       Karen Rae Kraut
Meditation for the Burdened
       Judy Kronenfeld
Moon Bathing
       Tamara Madison
Double Jeopardy
       Betsy Mars
Lunar Eclipse: A note on how to bathe in reflections and remain unseen
       Zack Nelson-Lopiccolo
Three Times, Three Nights
       Terri Niccum
Dear Mama
       Preandra Lika Noel
A Hole in the Sky
       Jeremy Ra
Every Day is Mother’s Day
       Wendy Rainey
Shoot the Moon
       Kevin Ridgeway
       Cindy Rinne
Two poems
       Nora Simões
Lunar Ghazal
       Alison Stone
Dear Matryoshka
       Ellen Webre
Red Stains on White Linens
       Aruni Wijesinghe
Cereus, or Queen of the Night
       Terry Ann Wright
Image credit: Sourav Mishra, Pexels